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Rosh HaShanna: One Day or Two??

Once again Machon Shilo is trailblazing in the pursuit of truth and abandoning shtuth. After last year's heter on kitniyot and reminding us that Jews are halachically bound to take the lulav and etrog in Eretz Yisrael when the first day of Sukkot falls on Shabbat, they've now turned their sights on Rosh HaShanna:
How many days did our forefathers observe Rosh HaShanna? While many believe that we have always observed two days of Rosh HaShanna, this is not the case. According to Rashi, Jews even outside Erets Yisrael kept only one day but Tosafoth disagrees. I downloaded the shiurim and my eyes were truly opened. Yasher koach to Rav Bar-Hayim and gang at Machon Shilo. Go to Machon Shilo or click here to download the series.

Neturei Kitniyos, you've got some new truth to squelch. Shanna Tova to you and all Am Yisrael.

The Big Lie

Just yesterday I was talking to a cab driver about Sderot and how traumatic it must have been for parents and children when the siren went off indicating a kassam attack.

We agreed that the people of Sdereot are true tzaddikim and then he added:
It's incredible what they've endured for the last seven years."Kassams haven't rained on Sderot for seven years", I replied. "That's the big lie of the media and Ehud Olmert. Kassamim have raining down on Sderot for two years since the Destruction of Gush Katif. When the tzaddikim of Gush Katif were still living in their homes, the terrorists were shooting at them daily--not at Sderot. Once the Jews were expelled from Gush Katif, then the terrorists started shooting at Sderot."
It's not just a big lie. It's sthuth. As is our government's negligence in defending these citizens. And the media and Left "yefeh b'nefesh" who tell us that we can't attack the Arabs; that it's not eno…