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Uncovering Shtuth

The court's most recent attempt to promote chametz occurred when it overturned the Knesset law forbidding the sale of chametz in public places. The court claimed that a shop was not a public place and could sell chametz if it was not visible from the street.

In reaction, a supposedly haredi Jew stripped naked at the bread counter of a store selling chametz during Pesah. He claimed that he was not violating the law against public indecency since the store was not a public place and that he was not visible from the street.

Read more at the Jerusalem Post.
Unfortunately Ynet seems to have buried their article which provided a fuller account.

It is refreshing to see that even haredim can uncover shtuth as well!

Chag Sameach.

Establishments without vision

Not only is Am Yisrael plagued by political leaders without vision, but as Rav Bar-Hayim points out, our relgious leaders are equally lacking. Hence the obsession with kitniyot and other shtuth:

Unfortunately the Orthodox Establishment is similar to the Zionist Establishment: it does not know who and where we are or where we are supposed to be headed. It is hesitant and uncertain and prefers the familiar comfort of the downtrodden, Exilic version of the Torah rather than the majestic, vibrant and uplifting Torah of the Land of Israel, of Abraham, Moses, David and the Maccabees.Read more at

Have a Happy Passover and make your kitniyot be tasty. And more importantly--may we soon enjoy the taste of a delicious Korban Pesah on soft matzoth. Peanut butter topping is optional.