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Mazel Tov!

Mazel tov to my good friend who has been in Erets Yisrael for 17 years today (July 19, 1990). According to the Hebrew calendar ( he made aliyah on the 26th of Tammuz.

Back in the good old days (in 1990), there was no Nefesh B'Nefesh and you had to rough it by actually going to all of the government offices to get your paperwork done. The offices didn't have air-conditioning or even enough seats. Paper tickets with numbers were distributed by hand at 7:00 am and were usually unavailable by 7:30 am. Numbers were called out by an available clerk and there was no digital number board. He also relates that one time a line for the Ministry of Immigrant Absortion went half-way around the block.

In 1990, there were so many immigrants (est. 70-80,000) and the system was so overloaded that his aliyah shaliach actually told him to postphone his plans by 6-12 months.

OTOH, Shamir was the Prime Minister, the Palestinian Terrorist Authority was just a pipe dream of Peace Now, a…

Special Tisha B'Av Kinna for Gush Katif

Machon Shilo has published a (“kinna”) about the destroyed communities of Gush Katif and northern Samaria. Only until I read the press release on their site did the asimon drop and it dawned on me that this modern-day churban occurred on the very same day that the greater part of the Temple was destroyed.
The press release politely notes that the motivation of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for destroying these communities has been the subject of considerable speculation. IMHO it was 100% shtuth caused by an early neural event that was hidden from the public-with two dashes of evil from Haim Ramon and Shimon Heres.
In any case, the computer program that generated the name for the army "mission" to kick the Jews out of their homes came up with "El Malei Rahamim", the prayer for the departed. Little did anyone realize that the silicon was warning everyone about Sharon's fate.

On a directly related note, the kinna is aptly called “How the Rose of Sharon Sits”…

The Dread of Menachem-Av Has Arrived

Menachem-Av is upon us and the current government of Israel is helping us to feel the dread associated with the loss/absence of the Beth HaMiqdash (may it soon be rebuilt).

Today it was announced that there is an amnesty for 180 shedders of Jewish blood in an effort to prop up the current leader of the Amelikite kingdom of Arafatistan. As I told a friend at lunch, I feel better when we're fighting a war and doing the "right thing" rather than "making peace" and doing the wrong thing. These terrorists have not done tshuva, nor have the orchestrators of Oslo and the Destruction of Gush Katif. Tshuva requires a confession and a regret of one's sins. Neither group has done this.

And we can only hope that rumors of a "piece deal" on the Golan are only smoke and mirrors designed to keep a crooked Prime Minister out of the slammer. My friend thought that losing part of the Golan in a war would be an easy way for the government to "buy off" Syria …

Great shiurim on Erets Yisrael

Just in time for the Three Weeks, Machon Shilo is proud to offer a four-part series on Erets Yisrael that delves into the fallacies of "Land for Peace" and the faulty Torah cited by frum Jews supporting this hillul haShem (desecration of G-d's name).

The topics covered include:
Why Land for Peace is wrongThe Misswah of Living in Erets Yisrael and how to observe itAnd more. There are also shiurim on shmitta that will help you find out how to make your shmitta really kosher--without helping those who spill Jewish blood.
To directly access the shiurim, go to,com_docman/task,cat_view/gid,63/Itemid,64/