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The Cat is Out of the Bag

For anyone who lives in Israel, the mere continued existence of the Third Jewish Commonwealth is a hidden miracle. As the ineptitude of our leadership increases, so does the size of the miracle.

IMHO, we should certainly have this miracle in mind when we say the "Modim" or Thanksgiving blessing of the Shmona Esray. [That's prayer #17 out of 18 for those of you who use the authentic, Erets Yisrael nusah of HaRav HaGaon Davidh Bar-Hayim of Machon Shilo.]

Indeed at the Jerusalem Conference, Ken Abramowitz, Managing Partner and co-founder of NGN Capital noted that Israel has many advantages for foreign investors, including excellent universities, professional talent but,
...I have never seen a lower caliber of government than you have in this country. Your foreign ministry is staffed with low quality people and a low quality leader (Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni). The Supreme Court is a collection of far-left activists who then appoint more far-left activists to join them on the…

Correlation Between Violence and Abstention from Kitnyoth on Pesah

Ramath Beth Shemesh, home to one of Rav Bar-Hayim's weekly shiurim has unfortunately gained notoriety for the zealousness of certain dark-clad sectors of its population (a.k.a. the "charediban").

In recent weeks, these zealots have turned on other dark-clad locals who were not equally zealous in their sinat chinam.

Fortunately the boys in dark blue (as opposed to teheleth), arrested the culprits and one of them, Chaim Heimlich, is known for his involvement in raising issues of tzniuth to that of idolatry. It is also known that the head of the Kupat Shel Tzedakah, Rav Eidensohn, attended the dinner of Heimlich's kupa to give them a show of support.

The KLF has also noticed that these zealots:
1. Do not wear teheleth
2. Do not eat kitniyoth during Pesah.

It is the opinion of the KLF that the ultimate Purim shtuth is to directly or indirectly support any kupot tzedakah affiliated with the charediban. If you do so, you are aiding and abetting them.

As Tom Petty put it so eloqu…