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The Big Lie

Just yesterday I was talking to a cab driver about Sderot and how traumatic it must have been for parents and children when the siren went off indicating a kassam attack.

We agreed that the people of Sdereot are true tzaddikim and then he added:
It's incredible what they've endured for the last seven years.
"Kassams haven't rained on Sderot for seven years", I replied. "That's the big lie of the media and Ehud Olmert. Kassamim have raining down on Sderot for two years since the Destruction of Gush Katif. When the tzaddikim of Gush Katif were still living in their homes, the terrorists were shooting at them daily--not at Sderot. Once the Jews were expelled from Gush Katif, then the terrorists started shooting at Sderot."
It's not just a big lie. It's sthuth. As is our government's negligence in defending these citizens. And the media and Left "yefeh b'nefesh" who tell us that we can't attack the Arabs; that it's not enough to be right, we need to be smart. That's shuth squared.
For more info, visit/donate to the Sderot Media Center.

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-suitepotato- said…
The problem is that humans, despite their general animalistic ferocity, truly do have a lazy side that is more comfortable with the relative peace of stable societies. By not defending Sderot, the government is leaving the society to reflexively turn to the next party responsible for said defense: themselves. Then when Sderot residents start firing back, the government starts pointing fingers at them and calling them the aggressors.

It reminds me of the sixties when white police and government would not defend black Americans against racist mobs, and the Black Panthers came into being as a response to no one else being on their side, and then everyone pointed fingers disapprovingly at the Black Panthers pointing out their zealotry.

Zealotry of course is a potent seed for the start of such defensive movements and it never would have happened had the society not unfairly put upon the people in question, then failed morally in not protecting them against predation.

The Israeli government is failing to protect their citizens against predators. They may have had a hand in creating those predators, but it is unconscionable that the government movers and shakers who had the power to be responsible for those things are safely removed behind a wall of army defense, and the common Israeli in the street is getting shot and bombed.

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