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Correlation Between Violence and Abstention from Kitnyoth on Pesah

Ramath Beth Shemesh, home to one of Rav Bar-Hayim's weekly shiurim has unfortunately gained notoriety for the zealousness of certain dark-clad sectors of its population (a.k.a. the "charediban").

In recent weeks, these zealots have turned on other dark-clad locals who were not equally zealous in their sinat chinam.

Fortunately the boys in dark blue (as opposed to teheleth), arrested the culprits and one of them, Chaim Heimlich, is known for his involvement in raising issues of tzniuth to that of idolatry. It is also known that the head of the Kupat Shel Tzedakah, Rav Eidensohn, attended the dinner of Heimlich's kupa to give them a show of support.

The KLF has also noticed that these zealots:
1. Do not wear teheleth
2. Do not eat kitniyoth during Pesah.

It is the opinion of the KLF that the ultimate Purim shtuth is to directly or indirectly support any kupot tzedakah affiliated with the charediban. If you do so, you are aiding and abetting them.

As Tom Petty put it so eloquently: "Don't come 'round here no more."

P.S. Congratulations to Bet Shemesh's newest cohen who has fulfilled the mitsvah of birkath cohanim in the courtyard of the Holy One Blessed Be He.


Rafi G said…
coincidence? I think not... lol
louis3105 said…
I wonder if the kitniyos defense league will jump to the defense of these characters?

Either that, our they'll despute the statistical findings of the KLF.

Dear KLF,

I could not find an e-mail, so I am leaving you a comment.

I wanted to make you aware of a relatively new blog, which serves primarily to translate the documents of the Bet Din of Gedolei HaDor who have ruled that Shlomo Aviner may no longer rule on taharat hamishpahah. Yet he has ignored them.

He has instructed the transgression of issurei karet and thus should not be listened to on any issue according to Rav Lior, Rav Ya'aqov Yosef, and Rav Levanon.

Rabbinic Announcement to the Torah Public, 5766

I know you may also find Shlomo Aviner's rulings and actions related to the expulsion of Jews from Azza disturbing.

Please at least look at our blog, and even consider exchanging links with us.

Thank you.

Questions About Aviner
Diane said…
This is great info to know.

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