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The Roadmap from Qitniyoth to Qorban Pesah

This shiur on Machon Shilo is a must-read to get some perspective. You'll hear whether a minhag (custom) is legally binding on a place – or on a person - even if he or she leaves it. It will also cover whether there is a qitniyoth minhag in Erets Yisrael. Don't forget to download the PDF source sheet too.

You need to register to listen to it! After registering, the "DOWNLOAD" button will appear. Check it out at,com_docman/task,cat_view/gid,77/Itemid,64/


Anonymous said…
Very enlightening, but I wonder whether my wife will go for it. Definitely food for thought. ;-)
Mike Wellin said…
Rav Bar Hayim is a genius! He is the type of rabbi that the Jewish people direly needs. We need to be saved from our current insane reality- is a great website and should be viewed by all who want a breath of fresh and logical air.

Jews-enjoy those kitniyot!
Hanoch Refaeli said…
Phenomenal! Great shiur. Very enlightening.
Jack Schwartz said…
Rav Bar Hayim is the rabbi am yisrael has been waiting for !

Jews-enjoy your kitniyot and maximize your Pesach simcha!
David Graff said…
To all who loved Rav Bar Hayim's shiur-the Rav leads a nusach Eretz Yisrael minyan every Thursday morning at 6:45am in Givat Shaul-for more info write to

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